Your software project plan is almost certainly wrong

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Even when you update it manually... it's still wrong in four ways!

(don't stress, every plan we see is wrong in these four ways)



Your effort estimates have bias and noise errors in them but you don’t know where


Scope Creep

There will be scope you haven’t planned for yet but you'll end up doing anyway


Context Switching

Your team will inevitably gets pulled onto other things so your resource allocations are optimistic



Some of the tasks will take team members longer than you (or they) are anticipating

Retire your spreadsheets and upgrade your planning today

Pulling data into spreadsheets, from disconnected systems is painful and out of date


Project Managers spend hours pushing and pulling data into and out a spreadsheet for planning and tracking progress.


Ruffly automatically 2-way syncs data to and from Jira and aggregates data sources into a unified view.

All projects are wrong in similar ways so we can make predictions based on data instead of guessing


Project Managers guess at when a project will be done using heuristics and their experience.


Ruffly shows you predictive signals (effort, contingency, velocity) based on project data analytics.

Change is inevitable in software projects so your tools should make it easy to update the plan


It’s painful to update plans and interdependencies when things don’t go as expected so most project plans are out of date.


Ruffly automatically re-flows project timelines and resource allocations when scope or priorities change, including for scenario planning.

Poor stakeholder communication is the most common mistake project managers make


Project Managers send static files to stakeholders that are time-consuming to pull together and don’t create shared delivery responsibility.


Stakeholder communication is built-in to Ruffly with easy sharing of dynamic plans and collaborative snapshots of progress through time.