Deliver software projects on-time, with less work

Ruffly accurately estimates project delivery, helps development teams visualize different scope scenarios and updates timeline in real-time.

No more late, over-budgeted and wrongly scoped projects.

Are delayed projects costing you in money & reputation?

Over 69% of all software projects fail — they either cost too much or miss their deadlines due to wrong scoping, guess-based planning, inaccurate estimates, inefficient collaboration and manual collation.

Surprisingly, this is despite over 93% of teams using standard project management practices. Time and budget overruns result in financial and reputation loss.

Ruffly helps project managers and development teams with intelligent estimates, visual project scoping and an efficient response to scope creep.

An intelligent platform designed to help you estimate, plan & deliver projects on-time

Ruffly is fast to set up, has a low learning curve and easy to work with for all stakeholders. Less time on follow-ups means more time for important work.


Collaborate & stay up-to-date about changes

You are sure that a change was requested but was it in email, slack or a wiki? With Ruffly, you can trace the history of requirement changes and request Approvals from internal and external stakeholders to sign off scope changes.

Streamline your project planning and respond to scope creeps without back-and-forth communications.


Intelligent estimates for on-time delivery

Estimates get better when you involve more team members. With Ruffly, you can request and update estimates on an on-going basis. The Rufflyness algorithm predicts error in project estimates, and as the project progresses, updates it in real-time.

The more estimates you provide, the better we get at suggesting a Rufflyness-factor for future releases.


Visualize scenarios for efficient project scoping

Want to complete a project on-time but burdened with too many requirements? Ruffly lets you see the effect of various requirements on the estimated delivery date, work with all stakeholders and scenario plan the project scope.

With Ruffly, you can quickly view different scenarios at any stage of the project and adjust the plan to meet a fixed deadline.


Publish roadmaps to share project progress

Without on-going project visibility, stakeholders can make bad decisions. As a project manager, you can avoid surprises by sharing roadmaps.

With Ruffly, publish dynamic roadmaps with delivery dates, assign a flexible level of information sharing and allow stakeholders to view live updates against the planning. No need to continuously update sheets and send messages.

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Why Ruffly
instead of Jira?
Why Ruffly instead of Jira?
Every second you spend navigating a complex software is a second you are not progressing towards your goals. Despite all the hype around it, Jira with its tickets based system is built for developers' independent work and not for collaborative project management. Every project manager who has struggled with Jira in silent desperation while trying to plan and manage projects with it, knows this as a fact. Why would you use a tool that is not built for project management?

Ruffly, on the other hand, has a simple interface with a focus on intelligent project estimation, planning, and management. And if you are worried about pushbacks from the development team, Ruffly integrates well with Jira.
Why Ruffly
instead of Trello?
Why Ruffly instead of Trello?
As a professional project manager, you need a professional tool which can grow with you while keeping you free from the busywork.

No one is sure about the best way to use Trello. There is no way to transfer what you've already been doing, and there is no way to track changes, for it only shows the current state. Not to mention the clutter you face when you try to scale it.

Ruffly, on the other hand, is easy to use and scalable. You can see the changes in the plan and communicate them to the stakeholders. You can quickly import your existing data as well as have clear visibility over project progress.

Don't rely on workarounds; your success depends on the tools you use.

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