Ruffly Resourcing

Learn about Ruffly Resourcing and how it can help you calculate the true cost of your next project.

In the 21st century, it is not at all uncommon to see a project being scoped out and planned with little consideration given to the team that is expected to execute it.

At Ruffly, we believe, the key to a successful project lies within the team working on it. Thus, we decided to bring people and teams to the forefront of all Ruffly project activities.

Introducing Ruffly Resourcing, a brand new way plan your software projects with people and teams at the heart of the project plan.

The three fundamental components of Ruffly Resourcing are:


This is the amount of effort a person can consume every week.


This is the % of time a person is expected to work on the project. Someone working full-time will have an allocation of 100%.

Day Rate

This is the daily rate of the person, charged to the client. This will be used to compute the total cost of the project.

Each team member is assigned a value across each of these three dimensions. For example, consider the following team.

Ruffly Resource View

Each resource has a weekly velocity of 40 story points, a day rate of £400 and their respective allocation towards the project.

Thus, this team can consume: 140 story points of work every week, at a cost of £1,400 per week.

In the coming weeks, we'll be launching integrations with your favourite time tracking tools, such as Clockify and Harvest. Say goodbye to chasing timesheet updates!

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